The base color of atelier shimura.

— Story of color

Nezumi-iro(gray) ,monotone color makes other colors stand out. We made such a mysterious gray color as the base color in accordance with the thought of atelier shimura.Nezumi-iro(gray) can be dyed with most plants in the mountains and fields of Japan, such as with Yashabushi (alnus firma), Donguri(acorns), cherry trees, Ume(Japanese plum trees), Shirakashi(white oak), loquat leaves and others.In the Edo era, 100 complex color names were attached to complicated subtle Nezumi-iro(grey), such as Gin-nezumi(silver grey), Fukagawa-nezumi(Fukagawa grey), Sukiya-nezumi(Sukiya grey), Genji-nezumi(Genji grey) and others. These hundreds of nezumi(grey) color names also indicated the delicacy of Japanese color sensation. The nezumi-iro(gray color) is perfect for expressing the world of Japanese emotion world, which include “harmony” “silence” “humility”.